Where does this road go?

by Caroline in the outdoors on September 12, 2011

Several times Saturday we were asked where we were going. David was kidding around and I’m sure our replies didn’t seem to answer the question and seemed evasive, but they were truthful. We weren’t really going anywhere. We were just going. This is my favorite type of travel, heading out to see what we can [...]


A wish or a dream?

Thumbnail image for A wish or a dream?

Do you ever feel at a dead end? The trail doesn’t seem to open up with any new vistas, you’re breathing dust, and more tired than you should be? Is that the time to say, “I wish…….” and think about being someplace else, doing something different, distract yourself? Or is that the time to change [...]

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A very Salty Rat

Canoes in a row, ready to go!  The Salty Rat is ready to commence

They say the best way to learn something is to make it fun. Excitement and interest in a subject make it much easier to understand information you’re trying to learn. This is the basis for the Salty Rat, a hands-on experience for learning canoeing basics and canoe touring skills. In October, several weeks before our [...]

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Looking at outdoor gear

Action Wipes available from Doing the Outdoors

In Big Bear this week, we have snow on the ground, slush on the roads, and it has been chilly.  Southern California snowboarders and skiers are ecstatic to have the first natural snow at the local resorts with night temperatures low enough to make plenty more.  The conditions are great for early season riding. Tonight, [...]

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Full Moon on Big Bear Lake

Full moon on Big Bear Lake

A magical paddle on Big Bear Lake for the (almost) full moon.

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Why Camp?


What is the magic of camp?

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Snowshoeing in the Rain

Ready to set out - Snowshoeing in the rain

Snowshoeing in the rain. The perfect way to spend an winter afternoon.

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A Big Birthday & Exploring at Home

Sunset on the mountain and desert together

A 50th birthday gift to myself—exploring the San Bernardino National Forest and taking pictures.

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